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YouTuber slammed an Apple Watch Ultra with a hammer to test its durability.

The popular YouTube channel TechRax is famous in tech circles for creating videos that destroy smartphones and other latest devices in an attempt to subject them to various tests. They conduct hardcore experiments with blunt instruments and sharp tools to measure the degree of endurance and resistance to the destruction of the products. The results help the audience learn about the gadgets’ strength, longevity, and resilience to scratches, crashes, and shock, among other things.

In their recent video, they ran trials with the new Apple Watch Ultra to determine the watch’s tolerance to extreme accidents like falling and collisions. The physically exacting trials included dropping the watch to the floor from more than a meter high, rattling it in a box of sharp articles, and pounding it with a mallet.

Apple’s Most Enduring Watch

The watch was able to make it out of the first experiment scratch-free and totally unfazed. This shows the sapphire crystals-forged case back is extremely resilient. The second test again impressively did not show any conspicuous impairment. It was only on the third attempt when it was thrashed repetitively to the point of complete destruction that the watch started fracturing, before ultimately shattering. It is to be noted that most gadgets would meet the same fate after heavy and recurrent exposure to blunt force.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Ultra

The comments section was filled with users who were impressed by the endurance of the watch. They said that understandably, any watch would cave it to that intensity of impact in the end. The verdict is in folks: Turns out Apple Watch Ultra can survive even a car crash, as pointed out by a comment. You can go ahead and invest in the latest smartwatch with no worries about accidentally letting it slip out of your wrist.


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