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YouTube Wants More Creators to Make Direct Short Video Replies to Comments.

Social media platforms are always racing to outpace each other. As a result, any feature that comes to one platform soon finds its way into several other platforms. The newest YouTube update for creators is yet another proof of this phenomenon.

Instagram allows creators to make short videos to reply to direct messages. Since YouTube doesn’t have any direct messaging option, it is allowing creators to respond to comments through short videos.

This is how the feature is going to work:

  • Creators choose a comment from the comment section
  • Then they click on the reply button
  • With the new update, a Create a Short option will be available as a reply option
  • Through this option, creators can make a direct video response to the comment
  • The user whose comment is being replied to will get a notification for the same

While this feature is not new or innovative in the social media space, it’s new for YouTube. The introduction of YouTube shorts has changed the dynamics of the video-sharing app. More brands and creators are taking to YouTube shorts instead of traditional long-form videos. At the same time, podcasters and video creators are using 60-second clips to showcase parts of their videos. A few months back, YouTube revealed that more than 1.5 billion users watch YouTube shorts every month.

According to YouTube, this feature will make it easier for creators to interact with fans directly. At present, this option is available for iOS users only. But it’ll soon be available for Android users as well.


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