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YouTube Users Can Now Access Premium Subscription 4K HD Resolution Videos For Free.

Youtube thought by many people that it is an open-source video platform for creators and viewers. It is a platform that allows people to watch unlimited free videos, but now it has been adopting the same model as premium video-sharing websites do.

A few days ago, YouTube started testing 4K resolution videos. They have invited users to test it by upgrading their accounts to premium. The company has now concluded the trial and it appears that users weren’t very happy as this feature was created exclusively for premium account holders.

YouTube tried out the feature and Twitter tweeted that users will receive an email asking them to upgrade to the premium grade. But, as this move of paying for 4k resolution video wasn’t well-liked and the company was not pleased, they have taken another step which quotes “viewers are now capable of accessing 4K quality resolutions even without premium subscription.”

All users are able to enjoy videos in the highest resolution, without having to pay for subscriptions.

It’s not the only occasion that YouTube has attempted to turn free users into paid users. Since the beginning of the year, it was experimenting with showing users 11 unskippable advertisements prior to the beginning of a long video in order to allow them uninterrupted viewing. The experiment was not welcomed by users and it was halted within several days.

In addition, YouTube has launched a new feature called handles, which lets creators guide users to the channels they have created in order to provide greater connection.


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