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YouTube starts testing a quiz option for community posts.

YouTube is currently testing an innovative feature that lets creators include quizzes in the post on the community, which is social media-style posts available to channels with 500 or more subscribers. Unfortunately, the beta version of the quiz is available only to a limited number of creators.

The information was first made public in an updated video on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel. The company regularly posts YouTube updates to creators, responds to questions, and reveals the tests and experiments in the pipeline.

In its latest video, YouTube explains how the feature could benefit creators, specifically educational channels looking to aid their audience in learning. At the moment, YouTube said the test was in progress with a limited number of creators and will be looking to gather feedback before making it possible to expand users’ access.

As YouTube attempts to compete with TikTok as well as Instagram to become the leading site for artists, YouTube’s new quiz posts feature will compete with the TikTok “Q&A section,” which was introduced this year, and also the quiz stickers to be used in Instagram stories.

The quiz feature on YouTube could be an ideal option for creators looking to attract your attention fans and encourage them to interact more deeply with their posts.

The company has also revealed that it is exploring an image editing tool that will soon be available in the YouTube app for iOS devices, following tests conducted earlier on Android. This tool lets creators apply filters, text, and stickers to photos uploaded to community posts. The feature was accessible to users of Android devices for a couple of months, and the larger launch seems promising for the future of the feature. A select group of randomly chosen creators will be granted access to the photo editing tool, YouTube says.

Creator Insider also announced in its most recent video that Shorts content is accessible on 2019 and above smart TVs and game consoles. Additionally, the Shorts-watching feature was launched and began rolling out earlier in the month.
The creators can use 15 to 60 seconds of audio tracks from YouTube Shorts as previously made public. YouTube Shorts library.


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