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YouTube Premium Price Increased in 7 Countries Following Crackdown on Ad Blockers.

In an effort to increase subscription fees, the Google-owned streaming service will be raising the price of YouTube Premium in a number of countries. The business has started implementing a system that stops users who use ad blockers from using the service. There will be a three-month grace period for current YouTube Premium subscribers before they are required to pay the increased monthly subscription fee. Aside from increased full-HD video streaming, YouTube Premium customers can watch videos without advertisements and enjoy music in the background while they watch.

Customers in seven countries received emails from the streaming service on Thursday informing them that the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription would be going up (via 9to5Google). Along with the primary Premium subscription, the cost of the audio-only YouTube Music Premium tier has also increased. The email states that as of November 1, YouTube Premium began to charge a different price.

The following nations are seeing increases in the cost of YouTube Premium: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Germany, Poland, and Turkey. According to the corporate email, new subscribers will be required to pay the increased fee, while current customers will continue to be billed at the previous rate for “at least three extra months.”

Google officially announced earlier this week that it was taking action against ad blockers, thereby prohibiting the use of any technologies that block advertisements on the platform. When an adblocking extension is activated, users will see a pop-up that requests they subscribe to YouTube Premium or allow advertisements on the streaming service. The pop-up reads, “Video playback is blocked unless the ad blocker is disabled.”

The Terms of Service of YouTube are broken by using ad blockers. In an international campaign, we’re asking those who have ad blockers turned on to either allow YouTube advertisements or subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. YouTube advertising supports a wide range of creators from all over the world and allows billions of people to watch their favorite content for free.


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