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YouTube adds pinch-to-zoom on mobile as part of its latest update.

YouTube has announced a redesign to its interface. The changes include a pinch-to zoom feature, precise searching, new buttons and an ambient mode.

YouTube’s new pinch to zoom feature allows users of Android and iOS devices to zoom in on videos to see more detail. This feature was made available to Premium subscribers as a trial in August.
Users can quickly search to find the exact part of a video. Users can drag the cursor over the video on desktop and mobile or swipe up to view thumbnails. This allows users to find exactly the spot in the video that they wish to rewatch.

Video playlists will have ambient mode. When you enable the dark theme, the ambient mode will be available on mobile watches and web pages. Dark mode will look darker on mobile, web and smart TVs.

The subscribe button will now be a black-and white pill-shaped button instead of the bright red “SUBSCRIBE” button.

These updates will not reduce the impact of the price increase on YouTube’s Premium subscription plan. In November, the plan will be $22.99 monthly.

Other than that, video descriptions will display YouTube links as buttons. To “minimize distractions,” the service has also reworked everyday actions like share, like, and download. The subscribe button will also have a new look. It will now be rectangular instead of rectangle. YouTube claims the button won’t be as brightly colored, but it will still be visible on the channel and watch pages.

YouTube is rolling out these changes immediately. These changes should be available for everyone in the next few days.


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