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X’s Link Preview Update: Headlines Return, But Make a Mini Comeback.

Elon Musk’s microblogging platform, X, appears to be rolling back a controversial update from the previous year that changed how links appear on the site. According to reports, the social media platform is reintroducing headlines on article link previews. According to Musk, the change was made months after X had stopped showing headlines on shared links for ostensibly aesthetic reasons. The only thing that resembled links in the message were splash images that, when clicked, directed you to the relevant website or news story. Users expressed dissatisfaction with the update, citing posts including external links as unclear as before.

The Verge reports that X appears to be reintroducing headlines for the site’s shared link previews. Still, there’s a tiny tweak. Now, little typeface headlines and website names appear at the bottom left of the preview image. This is not the same as the URL cards that often show up when sharing external links on the majority of social media networks. The new method for displaying headlines on shared links may also crop longer headlines.

Although a number of media sites have observed headlines reappearing on story links, neither Musk nor X have acknowledged the feature’s restoration. In any case, it doesn’t appear like the functionality is active.

Musk had made headlines disappear from links published on the network back in August. The site’s millionaire owner said that he personally made the choice, which would “greatly improve the aesthetics” of the space.

However, the disappearance of headlines caused uncertainty around link sharing because postings that included links did not specify what the links contained. Before, news links appeared as “cards” on the timeline with a picture, the URL address, and a brief headline, making it simpler for visitors to understand what they were clicking on. Following the update, on X, a link preview would only display the article’s lead image. As a result, news organizations were compelled to modify the manner in which they posted their articles on the website.

Since Musk took over the site in late 2022, X, formerly known as Twitter, has added and removed a number of new features. Just one month ago, Elon Musk’s AI company, xAI, released Grok, an AI chatbot, for the first time online. Grok is presently exclusively accessible on the Web, iOS, and Android to X Premium+ subscribers.


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