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Xiaomi Launched New Smart Door Lock That Supports 7 Unlocking Methods.

The Smart Door Lock M20 from Xiaomi has seven ways that people can open doors. The price of this smart door lock is around $270. The M20 also comes with a hand design that is anti-pinch, as well as an alloy frame that is of high strength.

The architecture of the M20 is innovative, bringing both full-board as well as push-pull. With the smart door lock, users can customize which direction they are holding the door in. This is in order to avoid accidentally pinching the door. Among the options for unlocking are fingerprint, password, one-time password, and NFC password. Periodic password, a home kit, and smartphone unlocking options together make seven ways you can unlock the M20.

What You Should Know About The Smart Door Lock From Xiaomi

The M20 comes with a lock body that is completely automatic. This lock body is where the power system is kept. To open the smart door lock, the verification process must first be completed. Then, the request of the person trying to open the door will need to be authenticated.

Once successfully verified, the door lock will begin to retract, to provide the user with access to the handle. Then, the handle can either be pushed or pulled to enter the space. Once you’ve entered, the door will lock behind you automatically afterward.

The M20 can withstand around 6000N when it comes to an external force that is lateral. It’s not easy to disassemble this door either. There are also various alarms that will notify owners should there be an abnormal locking of the door. Similarly, owners will also be informed if someone tries to enter the home multiple times, or if they try to pry into the panel.


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