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Xbox Game Pass adds Monkey Island and Pentiment.

Xbox announced that the first wave of Game Pass games would be available in November. This month is packed with launch day releases, including Obsidian’s latest game Pentiment. It will also add Football Manager 2023 to the Game Pass platform.

This month’s choice is adventure games. Game Pass will add several more to the site over the next two weeks. One of the most fascinating is the Pentiment. It will launch on November 15. Return to Monkey Island is Ron Gilbert’s sequel to the legendary adventure series. It joins the channel on November 8. Finally, Xbox has added two more seasons to Telltale’s Walking Dead Season: A New Frontier and Michonne.

Game Pass also launches Ghost Song and Somerville on the launch day. Both stories are mystery-solving sci-fi stories. In addition, the Legend of Tianding (November 1), Football Manager 2023(November 8), and Vampire Survivors (2023) are other additions to this month.

Game Pass’s bimonthly sacrifice, which is unusual, is split into two parts. Football Manager 2022 (both Xbox and PC editions) leaves the service on November 8. This is the same day that the 2023 version joins the service. Other games, including Art of Rally and Fae Tactics, Next Space Rebel, One Step from Eden, Supraland, and Next Space Rebel, will also leave the service on November 8.

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