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X Rolls Out AI Chatbot Grok to All Premium Users.

Elon Musk, the owner of xAI, declared on Tuesday that new paying members would soon be able to use the Grok chatbot. This announcement follows the company’s decision earlier in March to make its Grok huge language model open source. Musk posted on X this week, announcing that Grok will be available to all Premium users—not just those on the more costly Premium+ plan.

The alteration might be a sign that the company plans to directly challenge other well-known chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It can also indicate that X is looking to grow its subscription base, though. The announcement coincides with data indicating that fewer people are using the X platform and that it is having trouble maintaining its user base. According to fresh statistics from Sensor Tower obtained by NBC News, as of February, X usage in the US was down 18% year over year and down 23% since Musk’s takeover.

75 of the top 100 US advertisers on X as of October 2022, according to Sensor Tower, had stopped spending money on the platform. This finding raises the possibility that Musk’s conflict with advertisers has also negatively impacted the company’s chances of making money.

Giving X users access to an AI chatbot could prevent them from using alternative services, like Bluesky and Mastodon, decentralised platforms that, with the help of Meta’s resources, rose rapidly to become the preferred choice of over 130 million monthly users, or Instagram’s Threads.

Without giving a specific date, Musk simply said that Grok “would be enabled” for all Premium subscribers “later this week,” leaving X users in the dark.

X Premium, the company’s mid-tier subscription, is $8 per month (online) or $84 per year. Grok used to be only available to Premium+ customers, and it cost a whopping $168 a year or $16 a month.

Since Grok’s chatbot can respond to questions about topics other AI chatbots steer clear of, such as conspiracies or more contentious political ideas, Musk’s fans and ardent X users may find appeal in it. Additionally, it will respond to questions with what Musk referred to as “a rebellious streak.” Most notably, Grok has access to real-time X data, which sets it apart from competitors.

It makes sense that the value of the data that Musk controls could drop if X is losing users.


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