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Wordle: How to play game offline.

Wordle, a well-liked browser-based word game, has a parabolic growth throughout the pandemic. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a game in which you must correctly identify a pre-selected word while using hints and guessing random words. Josh Wardle, a software programmer, created the game, which New York Times bought.

The Wordle game is available online at all times. The website of Wordle can be accessed by simply typing the term “wordle” into the search bar of your preferred search engine. The game doesn’t require downloading. Wordle can only be used once per day and is similar to a crossword puzzle.

Many people are dependent on this game and enjoy guessing new words every day. However, as the game is browser-based, an app cannot be used to play it offline. However, there is a method you may use to play it offline. Follow these instructions to learn how to use Wordle offline:

1. Open Wordle in any web browser. Visit to get started.

2. Anywhere on the page, perform a right-click.
3. Select the “Save as” option from the menu.
4. Give your file a name and save it where you like.
5. You can play Wordle whenever you are not online by clicking the shortcut you created.
It’s important to note that Wordle does not keep track of your winning streak while you play offline. To view the Wordle word of the day, you must save the webpage once again.


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