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With a single yank, Corsair’s new gaming screen can be changed from flat to curved.

Are you planning to change your gaming monitor soon? You may be wondering whether to opt for a curved or flat display. It is imperative to note that these two formats provide distinct benefits. Corsair is introducing a new gaming monitor, which may offer the best features of both.

Last week, Corsair declared that it is coming up with a new 3,440/1,440 screen called Xenon Flex 45WQHD240. Users can easily bend the screen to switch or alternate between a curved monitor and a flat screen. Two handles are available on the sides of this new prototype for users to adjust the panel’s curvature up to 800R max. It is also possible to adjust each side independent of the other.

Which screen is better – curved or flat?

You may still be confused about whether you should opt for a curved or flat screen. The latter is more appropriate for production activities and regular use. On the other hand, the format is perfect for gaming as it can create a more immersive experience for the users. It will be interesting to find out how durable 45WQHD240 will be over a period.

However, the model is not quite a new idea. Previously, LG had come up with a similar prototype at CES 2021. Their booth featured a flexible 48-inch OLED panel by pushing a button. There would be a gradual morph from a curved screen to an entirely flat screen to create an exotic vision for gamers.


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