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Why the OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Is the Best Over-Ear Headphone for DJs?

Noise-canceling headphones and others targeting DJs and music lovers can be pretty expensive. When headphones offering the same quality are offered at a fraction of the price being offered, consumers are ready to buy. OneOdio has such a set of headphones to offer – the Monitor 60. Here is what you need to know about this product and not go broke while investing.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Features

  • This product is designed specifically for professionals who work in the music industry and also enjoy listening. It has Sony’s Hi-Res verification for all audio and the Monitor 60 meets stringent industry standards. It is the perfect tool for any setting – whether it is recording, broadcasting, or even post-production.
  • It offers the best in natural sound quality and balance. It’s 50 mm dual drivers accurately reproduce texture and layers of music.
  • It is comfortable for extended use. With thick padding on the head strap, it is so comfortable to wear that wearers won’t want to take it off. Leather padding makes it easy on the ears and eventually conforms to ear shape over time.
  • Noise cancellation is another feature offered and very appreciated by music producers who have to concentrate on their work. Monitor 60 works well even in the busiest of cities. Noise cancellation works even on one side with the flip of a button. Users can wear headphones all the time without moving one earpad for better listening.
  • The earphones are also flexible in design making it easy for people with different size heads to wear them comfortably. The design is such that the headphones can be collapsed flat for easy portability.
  • Last, of all, price is a deciding factor. This affordable pair of headphones will help musicians and music lovers enjoy listening and working for hours on end.

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