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While watching a clip, AirPods Pro 2 sporadically disconnect from connected devices.

It seems that quite a few AirPods users have been facing problems while using their devices. AirPods Pro 2 users have complained that disconnection happens when they are listening to an audio clip or music. This is in spite of the fact that the icons show that their iPad or iPhone is connected to their earphones.

Many of these complaints have been made on different forums and Apple has yet to address this issue with a fix. The reason for this problem is not yet known and is still undetected. According to some reports, this experience is an isolated one.

One user said this his AirPods keep disconnecting from his phone at random intervals during the day. Even though it appears that both devices are connected, there is no sound to be heard so he has to disconnect and reconnect. He was hoping that it was just a software issue than can be fixed. It should be said that these issues are only related to the new AirPods Pro 2 devices.

Even as far back as 2019, a few users reported such an issue with these wearables. Over this time, Apple has been approached to fix this issue and there has been some progress. Users who are annoyed by such random disconnections and inability to hear music or other stuff should update their device software.

Another tip that users have been given is to check if the software is current and corresponds to 5A377. Users are asked to update devices by monitoring for the same and not to miss doing so.


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