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Where AI has already taken over: The Future On Fingers.

We talk about a day in the future when artificial intelligence will govern the globe, but in some ways, that time has already begun. Information is the most valuable currency in the world. Previously, you could influence the narrative if you controlled a few publications and TV channels.

Today, billions of individuals yell, express their opinions and distribute whatever news they choose throughout the day thanks to social media. We all depend on our social media news feeds, which are completely controlled by algorithms because there is so much information available. Algorithms are customized by IT businesses to meet their needs, but they also seem to have a life of their own. The content they intend to censor ends up becoming popular.
The news and opinion sector has transformed, as well as the buying experience. This is more effective than social media since eCommerce sites have access to all your personal information, including your real name, address, ordering preferences, active hours during the day, and all of your purchasing preferences that touch on every part of your life.

Alexa is dominating the smart home. Although it sounds like a toy, it will eventually decide your lifestyle preferences. This is only the visible portion of the problem. Deep integration of AI into business, politics, culture, and science. It won’t be even the slightest part of your life unaffected. It will happen in due time. AI is the only solution for processing the enormous amount of data we need to process. AI will be a helper to everyone and everything.


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