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WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Schedule Calls in Groups_ Technostation.

WhatsApp is striving to keep pace with its rivals and has been rolling out numerous new functionalities recently. Presently, it’s venturing into territory dominated by Google Meet and Zoom by enhancing its group call capabilities.

Similar to Google Meet and Zoom, Meta’s well-liked chat messenger will soon allow you to schedule calls for group discussions. This function was discovered in WhatsApp for Android’s most recent beta version (

Group chats in WhatsApp will soon enable you to schedule calls in the future and inform the group’s members appropriately, as illustrated in the screenshot below. It was already discovered in a previous WhatsApp beta version months prior, but now that it is being made available to beta testers, it is getting closer to going live.

The call button in a group will allow you to arrange calls at a later time, as shown in the screenshot. This will enable you to choose the date, time, and purpose of a conference call. Additionally, you have the option of selecting an audio or video call. 15 minutes prior to the call beginning, those who selected “Join Call” in the group will receive an alert.

The automatic notification option should make it much simpler to schedule calls, and you won’t need to remind people about it.

As was already indicated, this feature is still in beta and will gradually be made available to more users in the following weeks. There is no information available on the release date that WhatsApp intends to make public.


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