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WhatsApp to come out with premium subscriptions for business owners.

Messaging apps have been coming out with new enticing updates while adapting to evolving trends in the tech sphere. The latest to announce some elite functionalities is the universally adored WhatsApp, owned by the tech giant Meta. With this upgrade, they are targeting only those who own the business version of the application and extensively use it to communicate with clients. Their newly envisioned characteristics for professional users are set the change the game in how entrepreneurs and their workforce interact with their audience.

What is this elite upgrade all about?

The business version of WhatsApp will be launching its premium rollout and help with streamlining the core functionality of messaging. Until now, users could only see all their chats in one place on the various gadgets associated with their one account. But this will no longer be the case because the upgrade will soon allow users to connect up to ten different gadgets. After doing so, they will also be provided with the high-end option to allocate the various chats to the particular smartphones, tablets, or laptops they want.

Suppose you wanted to allocate ten different clients to various members of your consumer support team since you didn’t want to answer all of them at the same time. You can now do so very easily. This makes the messaging process highly efficient as the WhatsApp inbox will no longer be overflowing with unanswered texts. This is especially useful to businesspeople who deal with voluminous messages daily. Their team can easily delegate and deal with the queries of clients, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

This option is still in the process of testing and is expected to be launched in a full-fledged manner in the near future. When it is fully rolled out, it is bound to be a popular functionality that will become a hit with professional users of the app.


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