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WhatsApp Testing Feature to Clear Unread Messages on Open.

There is no “automatic” way to simplify your life, but what if you could do it with WhatsApp’s “unread messages”? Reportedly, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will simplify the process of deleting unseen messages.

You may now choose to have your unread message count cleared automatically each time the app is launched, thanks to a new update. Users’ ability to control when they receive new message notifications appears to be a project the company is working on.

This upgrade was found in the Android WhatsApp beta, which is accessible through the Google Play Store, according to reports from WABetaInfo. Managing your incoming communications like an expert is the goal of the new tool. The notification count can be reset every time you launch WhatsApp, thanks to this feature.

A screenshot released by WABetaInfo showed that you will have the ability to automatically remove the number of unread messages with this new functionality. This implies that any unread message notifications you may have will be reset to zero each time you launch WhatsApp.

This feature’s main objective is to free users from the mental and visual clutter that comes with having a lot of unread messages, so they can concentrate on fresh and crucial communications.

Handle WhatsApp like an expert!

From what I’ve gathered, you may avoid the lengthy list of unread message counts by turning on this option, which allows you to start again every time you activate an app.

For people who get a lot of texts, this functionality might be useful. We have frequently seen a barrage of texts in every college or family group. With the soon-to-be feature, you may now prioritize your “star messages” across notes and invitation cards. You’ll be adept at leading discussions, particularly in “hyperactive” groups!

WhatsApp has already begun to roll out the Chat Filters feature, which allows users to divide their conversations into groups, all, and unread. The new feature is reportedly still in development.


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