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WhatsApp Moves Navigation Bar to Bottom on Android.

WhatsApp is now introducing a significant update to its Android smartphone app’s user interface. The four navigation tabs at the top of the screen have been shifted to the bottom, according to an announcement made by the messaging service owned by Meta. Over the previous few months, the app’s beta version included an overhauled visual experience, which is now available to all users. Users will find it easier to flip between tabs on their phones with one hand, thanks to the new design.

WhatsApp brings easier navigation to Android with a new bottom bar. Images of the previous UI, which included four tabs above the chat list: communities, conversations, status, and calls, were uploaded by the service. The latest WhatsApp update moves the navigation to the bottom of the screen with some icons rearranged.

One of the most significant UI updates for WhatsApp for Android in a long time, this places the app’s primary navigation tabs within your thumb’s reach, which is particularly useful when you can only use one hand. You will still need to reach the top of the screen to search for anything, though. The iOS version of WhatsApp displays tabs at the bottom of the screen as well; the settings menu is located on the fifth tab.

After months of testing on the beta channel, the bottom navigation tabs may finally be available to users. However, WhatsApp is working on other improvements that may eventually be included in the programme. According to reports, the messaging service is working on enabling users of the app to send and receive money internationally via the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) of the NPCI in India.

Additionally, the messaging service is developing additional AI-powered capabilities for the app. WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to text the app’s artificial intelligence (AI) system to make stickers. Similarly, it was recently discovered that WhatsApp is working on AI-powered picture editing tools as well as a feature that allows users to ask Meta AI questions using the app’s search box. Users of WhatsApp’s stable and beta versions have not yet been able to access these functionalities.


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