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WhatsApp Introduces ‘View Once’ Voice Notes for iOS and Android Beta Testers. Technostation

WhatsApp’s latest update introduces ‘See Once’ functionality for voice notes, allowing users to send ephemeral audio messages that disappear after a single playback. This feature, currently in beta testing, is set to roll out for both iOS and Android users, adding another layer of privacy and control over shared content.

Self-destructing voice notes are a new privacy feature that WhatsApp is providing to beta users, according to a tip from feature tracker WABetaInfo. Users of WhatsApp may currently use the ‘view once’ option when sending photographs and videos to their contacts through the app. Now voice notes will also have access to the same feature.

According to reports, the feature is currently trickling out to a small group of WhatsApp beta testers on iOS and Android via the TestFlight app. WhatsApp beta for Android versions and are compatible updates for the ‘view once’ mode feature for audio communications. WhatsApp beta for iOS is said to work with the update.

As previously indicated, only a small number of beta testers have access to the feature for now, but a wider deployment is anticipated in the next several days. When the ‘view once’ feature is enabled, voice notes cannot be saved or transmitted to other users. Additionally, WABetaInfo provided screenshots of the in-development functionality, including the well-known “view once” icon in the voice message chat window. The voice message will be sent when the icon is tapped in the ‘view once’ mode. There is no way to replay, store, or share a voice message that has been delivered with the feature turned on.

In recent years, WhatsApp has improved its privacy settings. According to recent rumors, the app is developing a new secret code feature for private chats that would let users set their own passwords for their secured chat folders.

This week, WhatsApp also made support for passkeys available on Android, allowing users to securely log back into their accounts using a device PIN or biometric authentication. With this feature, users may enter back into their WhatsApp account using a passcode that was saved on their device by using the face unlock or fingerprint scanner on their Android phones.


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