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WhatsApp Developing Shortcut to Quickly Send View-Once Images and Videos on Latest Beta: Space News.

WhatsApp view-once photos and videos let you send files to other users that can only be viewed once. The business is also working on an interface update to make it simpler to share these messages. A WhatsApp feature tracker named WABetaInfo has revealed information indicating that the app would enable users to easily share an image or video from their camera roll with only a few taps. WhatsApp is also working on the capability to send other kinds of messages as view-once messages, suggesting that it might eventually replace other methods as the standard means of sending them.

According to a WABetaInfo report, the most recent WhatsApp beta introduces a feature that will let users easily send a view-once message by pressing and holding the send button, as opposed to tapping the “1” icon in the caption window when transmitting an image or video. Users will get a pop-up menu with a single Send as seen once option above the send button rather than being able to share the image or video.

The new send as view once option for WhatsApp is still under construction.

The most recent beta versions of the app for iOS and Android do not yet support testing the feature, which was discovered in development on WhatsApp beta for Android Prior to pushing the update out to all users, it is anticipated that beta testers will receive it first. For the time being, only photos and movies can be sent as view-once messages; GIFs are not yet enabled.

Those who have signed up for beta updates will notice a prompt above the submit button on WhatsApp’s image and video sending preview when the feature is made available to beta testers. Press and hold to transmit as a view once a message is stated in a message that pops up. According to WABetaInfo, this must be followed by the choice Send as View Once.

According to the feature tracker, WhatsApp’s view once function is slated to transition to the new design, which could cause the “1” indicator to vanish from the caption area. Previous reports state that the corporation is trying to eventually include functionality for view-once messages for audio (voice notes) and text communications.

A new rumour claims that WhatsApp has started developing a function that would let users create stickers using artificial intelligence (AI). Users can use the app to submit prompts like “cat laughing on a skateboard,” and it will automatically create stickers. According to information provided by the feature tracker, users can also use WhatsApp Web to lock their chats behind a password.


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