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WhatsApp Beta introduces calling feature on smartwatches.

That’s right- a new WhatsApp Beta version has been released, and it offers a feature to accept calls on smartwatches with Wear OS 3 software.

The new setting comes pre-enabled, so users only need to dig through their phone’s settings if they want to turn it off.

So far, the feature only works in a one-way manner. This means that incoming WhatsApp calls will pop up on the smartwatch and users can either pick up and talk through the wearable’s microphone or decline, but not be able to make calls themselves. In order to make calls, it is still necessary to use the WhatsApp application on your phone, whether you like it or not.


Is it compatible with my watch?

The new WhatsApp Beta with version number is only compatible with smartwatches featuring Wear OS 3. While the current array of wearables featuring this latest smartwatch software is limited, many companies have already announced a switch over to the latest OS 3 version sooner rather than later.


How do I get Whatsapp Beta?

Currently, the maximum number of testers that can download the beta version of the app has already been reached as many are excited to try out the newest feature. However, you can still visit the WhatsApp Beta testing page on the Google Playstore frequently to check if another user has unlisted from the service to perhaps get a spot on the list.

There will still be many users who won’t be able to sign up due to this limitation in testing numbers. Either way, it’s expected that these features will be rolling out to the rest of the world in a regular WhatsApp update soon.


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