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WhatsApp Avatar: How to setup, customisation options and everybody should know.

Finally available on WhatsApp are Meta’s customizable virtual avatars in the spirit of bitmoji. The ability to design your digital avatar and share it with your friends and family is now available on WhatsApp and other Meta-owned sites like Instagram and Facebook.

The use of an avatar in WhatsApp
There is no difference between WhatsApp’s avatar and those on Instagram or Facebook. It’s almost the same in that users can select from various options, such as skin tone, haircut, hair color, and attire until they feel that the virtual character is the best digital depiction of themselves. WhatsApp automatically generates quadrillion sticker variants of the produced avatar depending on several categories after it is formed.

According to WhatsApp, “Your avatar is a digital representation of yourself that can be made from billions of facial characteristics, clothing, and hairstyle combinations. On WhatsApp, you may select one of 36 personalized stickers representing a wide range of emotions and actions or use your customized avatar as your profile photo.

WhatsApp Avatars: Uses 
In private and one-on-one discussions on WhatsApp, users can create Avatars and use the automatically produced stickers. Avatars are another option available to users for their profile images.

How to make and customize WhatsApp avatars
It’s easy to create WhatsApp avatars. All you have to do is decide on a hairdo, facial color, clothes, and a few other things. Let’s get going:

1- Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.

2- Launch any separate chat windows
3- Go to the Stickers area now, and the top banner will now read “Avatar.”
4- Tap it to launch the avatar maker.
5 – To start, click Get Started on the following page.
6- At this point, decide on your skin tone, hair color, facial shape, clothes, glasses, makeup, earrings, and other features.
7- The goal is to make your digital avatar similar to yours.
8- Click “Done” in the upper right corner when finished.
9- Next, WhatsApp processes your avatar and automatically generates a variety of stickers using it.


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