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What’s new in Google Search?

Google Search has rolled out a set of new features that make the Search option more interactive. The conclusion of the Google Search On 2022 event marks the rollout of these new features.

Google has improved the online shopping experience with the new rollout. The search engine will now focus on giving more information about products instead of listing the maximum number of products. Google is also introducing the Shop Look feature, which will give users information on apparel worn in specific outfits. Later this year, Google also plans on introducing 3D visuals for shoppers.

Buying Guide is another useful feature added to Google Search in the newest update. Under this feature, Google will collate information about a product from multiple trusted sources and display it on the Search app. Many buyers are apprehensive about shopping from new and unknown websites. With Google Page Insights, you can now see reviews and ratings of a website before buying anything.

Google Search will also be more personalized going forward. Users will get recommendations and results based on their past shopping preferences. Google has also given the option of turning off personalized results for the more privacy-focused users. Along with these features, Google will also give buyers style inspiration on the Search app.

According to Google, the Search function will now be more intuitive. Image search is a big component of this new rollout, and Google expects people to use image search along with text search in the future.

Google claims that the latest features and updates will make the search engine more accessible and intuitive for users worldwide.


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