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What Works More; TV Advertising or Users’ Manuals.

What is TV advertising in this age of growing Internet usage? TV is a good marketing medium. Think about it. We are so desensitized to commercials. We use them for food or bathroom breaks during hot debates or we just downright fast forward through them. I know that I can’t stand watching them, so I just forward through them. Bye, bye commercials. Another reason I don’t watch is the quality of the commercials. I see far too many local commercials that are just annoying and awful to watch. What are these business owners thinking when they make those commercials?

I see a new trend; people look up on the Internet for user manuals or instruction and guide books to get meaningful information about products. That is cool and very subliminal. No?

The real tangible point in this is that people can have a look at the user’s manual; without buying a product. I love it because that is how I can get the feeler of a product before I pay for it. This will ultimately improve their overall marketing effort and increase their brand image. Manufacturers and advertisers should want more manuals online (have a look at a Techno Station and you will know) and seek to reach out.


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