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What to expect with foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Fold?

Just a month ago Samsung launched its fourth model of folding phones. The price of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone is sky high but it brings back the fun of using old flip phones back again. The latest flip phone from Samsung has got some much-needed improvements in cameras, battery life, and hinge. It also comes with an even more versatile flex mode.

It folds neatly enough to cozily fit inside trouser pockets. And the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 flips open into something similar to a tablet. It makes creative projects much easier to handle and makes working on various spreadsheets joy.

The outer screen of the latest model is wider and shorter and resembles a regular smartphone. The increase in width has made it much more comfortable for one-hand usage. The Fold 4 is also made lighter than before.

The cover screen of the Flip 4 is as useful as a smartwatch screen. You can check notifications and send messages easily. The cover screen has a front camera and can be used as a viewfinder.

In the new model, the night mode software of Samsung has got a huge upgrade. Unfortunately, the crease in the 6.7-inch display still remains.

Even with all the improvements and progress, many customers are afraid that flipping the phone one too many times can damage the device physically. In order to dissipate the fear, Samsung has used Gorilla Glass Victus+ for better durability.


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