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Wealth management app from Edelweiss will have stronger security thanks to app sealing.

In the golden era of smartphone apps, the extent of their safety, guarding against attacks, breaches, and illicit use of information have all been rising topics of concern lately. When even big names like Samsung and Uber who recently faced data breaches cannot prevent them, there’s a constant need to search for better security-based infrastructure to support app building.

In a bid to strengthen their existing security systems, acclaimed wealth management firm Edelweiss Private Wealth is teaming up with pioneering app security provider AppSealing.

The latter specializes in creating protection software for mobile applications and has officially stated that they are looking forward to working with their latest client. They will be working closely with them to bolster their security mechanisms and offer all-around protection that will upgrade their existing frameworks. Their key area of focus will be to build enhanced systems for verifying and authenticating accessibility for the intranet used by their employees.

This partnership will ensure all of Edelweiss’s apps undergo security fixes to enhance protection. Everything from purchases being made on the apps to creating a comprehensive shield that extends to all its apps is on the agenda for improvement.

Edelweiss said that one of their core values has always been to provide top-notch security for their applications. They believe in the synergetic existence of dynamic technologies and a strong groundwork in safety to support their evolution.

They are eager to be working with AppSealing – a trailblazer in the field of security tech. They will help with streamlining and conducting better checks for verifying and authenticating devices connecting to their intranet, and also help reinforce app safety.

This initiative will help them conduct smoother business affairs with financial technology firms, game companies, and other prominent e-commerce sites around the world. Investing in good security systems has become the need of the hour and Edelweiss is set to make leaps in a favorable direction.


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