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Way to repair a broken charger port on your Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

A damaged charging port could be a major headache. Based on the extent of the issue, the device may require you to unplug and repair the charging port by yourself before going to a professional. However, before doing this, you must examine why the charging port on the tablet, phone, or laptop could not function properly.

Why Is Our Charging Port Not Working:

Finding the reason for damage to the charger port can help you decide the most effective course of action. For example, a basic repair kit could be all you require for the event. However, a variety of things can lead to the charger port failing, like:

  • The damage caused by water: If your phone is wet, it can damage your charging port.
  •  Debris and dust: Over time, the accumulation of dust and debris can accumulate within the charging port and eventually cause damage.
  • Connection loss: If you don’t connect the charging port to the charger in a secure way, the charger port could end up being damaged.
  • Unsafe charging: Utilising a charger that is not compatible can cause damage to the charging port.

What We Need to Fix the Phone Charger Port

If you want to fix the charging port not working correctly, it is necessary to have some essential tools to repair it effectively.

  • Screwdriver: To remove any screw that holds the charger port.
  • An air canister: for blowing away dirt or particles.
  • Brush: for cleaning.
  • An additional charging port: If the existing port is completely damaged for charging your device.
  • Extra screws: You may use them if the screws in your device are lost.

A way to avoid a broken charger port

Here are some helpful tips on avoiding damaging the charger port in the first place.

  • It’s recommended not to use your phone while charging since it may stress the port for charging and cause it to fail.
  • Please do not use non-genuine chargers, as they may cause damage to the port.
  • Be cautious when inserting or taking the charger pin out of the port. Please don’t push it into or out, as it may cause damage to the connectors inside the port.
  • Make sure the port is clean and free of any debris. Dust and dirt may build up over time and create problems when charging.

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