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Utilizing DevOps techniques for current sales platforms, startups are creating enterprises.

TechCrunch’s recent tweet has been grabbing headlines. The tweet states that start-up companies are building their business using DevOps techniques for their current sales platforms.

There is an increasing market for sales tools these days. It has triggered a corresponding rise in the cottage industry. It has been observed that many DevOps are particularly targeting the software used in marketing and sales functions.

DevOps in this context refers to those tools, which automate processes between IT teams and software development.

It has now emerged as a booming sector as vendors have been selling DevOps platforms for different software platforms. For instance, Salesforce has made sales technology simpler to integrate into the existing workflows of the company.

Salesforce-Features and benefits

Many might say that many sales software development companies promised to minimize the requirement for custom coding for achieving sales-related activities. However, that is true up to a certain level.

For instance, Salesforce was developed to function as a platform for customer relationship management. It gradually emerged as a development platform but lacked many components needed to adjust to specific requirements of an organization.

Having said so, it offers reliable data protection and security on the cloud. Thus, there is no possibility of stolen or lost data. Users can function in a reliable environment.

Salesforce offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service and also helps applications focus on market automation, application development, and analytics. Robust sales tools aid in brand refinement and enhance operational efficiencies. These tools act as catalysts for organizations to experience growth.


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