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Users with AirPods Max can use the Adaptive Transparency feature in iOS 16.1 Beta.

In the last week of September 2022, Apple announced the availability of Adaptive Transparency in beta. The current iOS 16.1 is the third and it was introduced along with the second-gen AirPods pro version. Quite a few users have said that they are able to use it on their AirPods Max wearables as well.

People who own Appleā€™s premium earphones are now able to access the Adaptive Transparency feature which can be toggled for use. These headphones are set up for over-the-ear use and can access this feature via the AirPods Max section in settings. Every device will need to have the iOS 16 version which can be accessed via the iPadOS 16.1 beta versions.

Adaptive Transparency was introduced when the AirPods Pro 2 debuted on the market. This feature helps AirPods block out noises related to construction-related work, sirens, etc. without blocking all noises out completely. Since this feature works on the AirPods Max as well, users have to ensure that they check the settings section carefully. The toggle option indicates only the existence of AirPods Pro, not Max. Apple has to update the settings menu to reflect this availability.

Users are waiting to hear from Apple whether this feature will be available for use with the Beats Fit Pro as well. Those who want the full functionality of the Adaptive Transparency feature have to ensure that they have iOS 16 beta or the latest version on their phones. For more information on using the Active Noise Cancelling feature along with Adaptive Transparency, the Apple website is a great resource.


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