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Users of iPhone 14 Pro camera complain of shake and noise when using Instagram and TikTok.

New technology can occasionally have problems when used in the field rather than in more controlled testing situations. Also, it appears that this may be the case with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. A handful of iPhone 14 Pro customers recently noticed strange troubles with the camera.

The camera shakes and rattles when used with third-party apps such as TikTok, Instagram, & Snapchat. Rather than being a one-off issue, many examples showcase the problems. Let’s know in detail!

Insights of Troubles in iPhone 14

One Redditor, for example, described their camera “shaking uncontrollably” every time a Snapchat user used the camera for Instagram. When using the phone’s standard camera app, however, the problem does not appear.

Luke Miani, an Apple YouTuber, also released a video on Twitter that shows how his iPhone 14 Pro camera vibrates when he uses Snapchat on the phone. The photographs are grainy, and a strange rattling noise is heard from the camera module.

Reason for Issues within Phone

Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera troubles appear to be solely due to the usage of third-party apps, implying that it is a software defect rather than a problem. Further investigation, proposed by sites like 9to5Mac and The Guardian, suggests that the reason might be the increased optical image stabilization on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

As the phone employs a motor to assist steady the camera and decreasing blur, this would explain the weird mechanical rattling and grinding noises reported by the camera shaking concerns.


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