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Users’ before and after photos may have been exposed on a fitness app.

An application into the health/fitness of a popular influencer has suffered a temporary malfunction. This issue might have led to sharing of intimate workout pics as well as other personal information of users with the wrong users.

The App – Move With Us is a fitness app designed for women. It was established by a fitness trainer and influencer – Rachel Dillon 29 years, who also has been crowned world champion thrice in the event “World Beauty Fitness and Fashion”. Dillon has a humongous fan base on various social media platforms (TikTok and Instagram). She developed this app to be able to share with everyone the transformative capacity of fitness. The app gives users a detailed guide with respect to workouts and nutrition. It also encourages users to take their “before and after” pictures to enable tracking of fitness goals and maintaining a progress report.

However, the app has had issues with the photographs sometime this week. As reported, app users stated that they were logged into random accounts not belonging to them! Once logged into the account of a stranger, the users reported that they could view private details, inclusive of full names, physical addresses, birthdays, and also revealing “photos of progress”.

On the Facebook page of the company, Dillon and her company reportedly answered many irate users who, obviously, were anxious regarding their accounts and their safety. The company also put out a statement regarding the issue, denying some tall claims of a few angry users, inclusive of the exposed photographs.

This definitely should make you cautious about your personal data and information and how and where you share it. The majority of the apps have tawdry security. So, be quite sure and careful of sharing revealing photographs of yourself and also where it is stored.


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