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Use the Apple Watch Ultra to watch TV.

Apple has just unveiled the specs of the new Apple Watch Ultra and like the name promises, it has a range of enhanced features. From wider displays to longer-lasting batteries, the newest version has it all but Apple enthusiasts are wondering why there is still no option that lets you watch TV. Worry not, the Internet has found a way for you to catch up on your favorite TV shows from your Apple Watch!

The first and easiest workaround is that you can download WatchTube, an app that works as a bridge between YouTube and your Apple Watch. This way you can access all the videos you want, from watching live streams to cooking tutorials right on your wrist. Even if it isn’t ideal to appreciate full-length films, you could still stream everything else.

Watching news segments or keeping a tab on sports on the go would make a big difference when you’re too preoccupied to be sitting and viewing. The other method builds on a feature that already exists: you can watch videos when you receive them via iMessage. If you want to watch such videos you already have downloaded, the simple way is to send them yourself from another device. This will come in handy when you want to watch it when you’re busy jogging or working.

The reasons why Apple has not officially included this feature in the newest version is unclear, especially since the display is now the perfect size to stream videos. Consumers speculate perhaps Apple wants everyone to view it as a fitness-oriented device, or one meant for professionals who check messages on the fly. But there is certainly a demand for more entertainment that Apple is missing out on.


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