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Use a Baseus 40W Power Strip to Safeguard Your Charging iPhone or iPad.

The new Baseus PowerCombo Pro 40W Power Strip offers connections so your iPhone, iPad, and four more devices may charge simultaneously, negating the need for additional outlets when powering numerous devices.

It can be challenging to find a reliable location to charge your iPhone if you frequently recharge multiple devices at home because typical configurations include a charger here and a wire there. People concerned with keeping their workstations neat may not want numerous cords going from their desks to multiple power outlets. They probably don’t want too many chargers in plain sight.

Almost any place you choose, the Baseus GaN PowerCombo Pro 40W Power Strip enables you to set up a central charging station. One with a single power socket can power up to six gadgets at once.

The device contains three built-in AC outlets and two simultaneous USB Type-C and USB Type-A outputs, and three built-in AC outlets. Additionally, you can quickly charge gadgets that can handle electricity at rates of up to 40W.

Place it on your desk and connect your MacBook to the pass-through AC plug, among other things! Alternately, utilize a single wall socket to power your household’s iPhones and iPads. Additionally, if you’re traveling on Amtrak, you may use the AC outlet to charge all of your devices and those of your seatmate during the hour-long ride.

The only restriction on what you can do is the cords you have. Additionally, it safeguards your gadgets. It also contains cutting-edge safety safeguards against power spikes or strikes brought on by poor weather.

Up to 86,400 times daily, Baseus’ in-house designed BDIP technology checks the power condition. If overloading, overcurrent, overvoltages, or under voltages are found, it can cut power in a tenth of a second.

The top Status Halo LED turns the strip on and off with a tap and displays the device’s status, so it’s simple to determine if the outlet is powered. A solid blue light indicates that power is on, a slow pulse indicates that high-power charging is happening, and a fast pulse signals aberrant charging, alerting you quickly to a problem.


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