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UN Security Council to Hold First Talks on AI Risks-Latest.

On Wednesday, July 17, the UN Security Council will convene for the first time to discuss the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). The gathering takes place as worries about the possibility of AI being used for harmful reasons, such as the creation of autonomous weapons or cyberattacks, rise.

The United States will preside over the meeting, which will include representatives from all 15 Security Council members. The council is anticipated to go over a variety of AI-related topics, such as how it might be misapplied, the necessity of international cooperation, and the ethical ramifications of AI research.

According to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, “this is a historic moment for the Security Council.” We’re gathering to talk about the most significant technological advancement of our time and its possible effects on global peace and security.

The gathering is a component of a larger multinational initiative to confront the dangers of AI. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution in December 2022 asking for a “multilateral, transparent, and inclusive” strategy for the advancement of AI. Additionally, the resolution asked nations to create “norms, rules, and standards” to regulate the application of AI.

The Security Council conference represents a significant advancement in the global campaign to address the dangers of AI. The gathering is anticipated to build the framework for future debates on the topic and emphasise the importance of global cooperation.

It is anticipated that the conference will provide the Security Council with an important chance to explore the hazards associated with AI and to create a concerted strategy to manage those concerns. Given that AI has the potential to have a substantial impact on international security, the gathering is also likely to stress the necessity of international cooperation in this area.

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