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Two front-seat passengers died due to Tesla accident that caused the EV to catch fire.

Two passengers of a Tesla electric vehicle were killed when it crashed. The accident was reported in Richland County in South Carolina and occurred near Lake Murray. Officers responding to the call of a car accident declared the passengers dead on arrival.

News 19 reported that the car involved in this accident was a 2021 Tesla. The accident occurred on Salem Church Road around 2:10 a.m. The cause of the accident was identified as the vehicle involved in the accident crashing into a tree outside the road. The car caught fire after the crash. The driver and the front seat passenger died in the incident.

Highway Patrol of South Carolina and state troopers arrived at the scene after this EV crash proved fatal for its passengers. This is not the first time a Tesla EV has been in a crash. These crashes have made prospective buyers of Tesla EVs wonder about their safety.

SCHP will investigate to determine the causes of this accident. The investigation will try to find out whether a human error or something else was responsible for the crash. Richland County has seen 46 fatalities in crashes this year, according to the Public Safety data of the South Carolina Department.

The same report reveals that 701 people died on the roads of South Carolina in accidents. The Highway Patrol will also investigate whether passengers were wearing seat belts when the accident occurred.

Tesla projects the autonomous driving system of its EVs as safe. A video uploaded to YouTube showed a Tesla Model 3 helping avoid a serious accident. However, Tesla EVs are not new to crashes. In one accident, two teenagers were killed in Florida in May 2018 when driving Model S.


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