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Twitter’s new alternate rival BlueSky hits million installs.

Twitter alternative Bluesky has achieved a significant milestone as Threads, Instagram’s latest Twitter rival, leaps into the double-digit millions following its introduction on Wednesday. Despite still being an invite-only app, Bluesky has surpassed a million downloads across iOS and Android, according to fresh analysis from app store intelligence supplier

Of course, this measure is insignificant in comparison to the figures Threads, an app integrated with Instagram’s social graph, is reporting. And it’s still far behind Twitter, which gained an additional 72 million new installs while Bluesky was attempting to reach its first million. According to, Twitter receives 518,000 new downloads on average per day. Bluesky, in contrast, only experiences 8,300 first installations on average per day.

Although invites are still hard to come by and occasionally useless, the firm even temporarily halted sign-ups over the first weekend of July after Twitter’s decision to restrict the number of readable tweets sparked a surge in interest in Twitter alternatives. The Bluesky team claimed at the time that it wasn’t yet prepared for such a massive inflow of new customers and was concerned that the record-high traffic would cause performance concerns.

In reality, according to, Bluesky was able to reach its new milestone thanks to Twitter’s action, with an estimated 300,000 new installs since June 30.

By far, or 40%, the majority of Bluesky installations are in the United States. Brazil (9.5%), Japan (8.5%), Thailand (7.5%), and the United Kingdom (4.6%) are the next countries in line.

Approximately four months have passed since Bluesky first reached the “1 million+” download milestone. However, it’s likely that if the app had been completely accessible to everyone, adoption would have happened more quickly. Since Threads is already available and promises to interact with ActivityPub, the protocol powering the open source, decentralised social network Mastodon, another well-liked Twitter competitor, the team’s decision to keep its software private may eventually hamper its chances of success. In the meantime, Bluesky is creating the AT Protocol, a decentralised social networking protocol.

Bluesky is still a viable option, even though it has previously encountered difficulties with moderation. The startup, which is searching for a revenue stream outside the conventional ad-supported market, this week revealed $8 million in preliminary funding and its first premium service, bespoke domains.


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