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Twitter might allow users to paywall their video content.

Elon Musk has gained complete control of Twitter. He tweets out new ideas every day, but there needs to be more than anything being implemented.

A new report from The Washington Post states that at least one prominent feature will be available soon. First, however, it needs to be clarified if Musk invented it. The outlet viewed an internal email that described a new feature that allowed users to upload videos and place them behind a paywall. It is internally known as “Paywalled Video” and could be released within a week or so, subject to a brief internal review. According to the report, Twitter seems to be trying to hurry the feature out. First, it needs to be clarified if it was Musk’s idea or was created before Musk became CEO.

This email explains the feature in great detail. The creator of a tweet would enable the paywall. They can add a video to their tweet and choose one of the pre-set prices, such as $1, $2, or $5. Or $10. The video will appear hidden to another user and only available after the amount has been paid. The money would be delivered via Stripe to the creator of the video. Twitter would also take a cut, but it’s yet to be known how much. Users who don’t wish to pay for the video will still be able like and retweet it.

The Washington Post said that Twitter did not comment on the story. Musk, who is very vocal about what he wants at Twitter to change, did not mention the feature but recently stated that the company wanted to “reward content creators.”


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