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Twitter is rolling out this change to the feature people “didn’t like”.

Twitter started displaying the total number of views for each tweet last year, just like YouTube videos. However, the modification was not well received and was harshly criticized by both users and ex-employee.

Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, subsequently queried Twitter users on where the “view counter” should go.

Change in Twitter view count location

The view count feature will now be located on the right side instead of the extreme left, according to a tweet from Twitter. “There were many of you who disliked the view counts on the left. View counts will now appear between the Like and Share icons on the right side of your Tweet.  Coming soon features: Live on the web, iOS, and Android.” Twitter Support announced in a statement.

Twitter view count: what is it?

The number of times a specific tweet has been viewed is displayed in a little bar graph called a Twitter view count. Users who access tweet analytics can also view the count. Tweets now include five icon-based options: Share, Reply, Likes, and Retweet. “Twitter is much more alive than people realize,” Musk remarked following the launch of the feature in December.

There was a lot of discussion about the feature shortly after its release, and an ex-employee who claimed to have worked on it also stepped in to suggest that Twitter withdrew the feature because it was “depressing.”

Paul Stamatiou, a former employee of Twitter, responded to Musk’s tweet by quoting it and said that he worked on the feature in 2015 and that the team had tested it but had concluded that it was “depressing” and not worth developing further.


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