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Twitter is rolling out a feature to divide long text into a thread automatically.

Twitter makes it difficult to create a long thread. You need to break down the entire text into smaller chunks of 280 characters. The company is working on automating converting long-form text to a thread. A tweet by Jane Manchun Wong states that twitter’s composer will automatically split the text into threads if it exceeds the 280 characters limit.

In reply to a user (aka her), she stated that Twitter wants to make thread creation easier. Users need to click the + button to add a new tweet to a thread. This can be annoying if you’re trying to paste information from another document or copying a thought.

A few people pointed out that it took a lot of work to post and read threads with more than a few Tweets in the last hours. The one in focus was an 82-tweet-long discussion on the defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Musk responded to these tweets by saying that the team is working to simplify thread writing.

Although the implementation details still need to be clarified, Matt Taylor, Financial Times product manager, pointed out that markers will be helpful to indicate when a tweet is about to end. This allows users to edit text easily, making the reading flow smooth.

Musk has spoken out before about long-form tweets. He stated earlier this month that the social network is working to allow long-form text to be attached to tweets. The new thread composer will likely include this feature. In addition, third-party solutions such as Typefully or ThreadStart are used by some users. These tools allow you to divide your post into threads and provide scheduling features automatically.

Twitter Blue subscribers can access threads via the company’s acquisition of Threader last January. However, Musk has not mentioned whether he plans to change the average user’s reading experience.

Twitter already offers a program for long-form writing, Notes. However, only a few writers have access to it, and Musk’s management needs to clarify the future.

Even though Twitter engineers are working on the feature, it’s still being determined when it will be available. Musk dismissed half of the employees after taking control of the company. The new boss also made an ultimatum that all remaining employees must be “hardcore” or leave. There is no guarantee that products can be launched in this environment.


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