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Twitter has new rules for users to get a blue tick verified account.

After a one-month-long wait, Twitter Blue is back with a new set of requirements that must be met to earn the blue tick. You can sign up for Blue, but you won’t see the blue tick until Twitter verifies that your account satisfies all the conditions.

According to Twitter’s verification criterion, users who subscribe to Blue will be entitled to obtain blue ticks. Your account must be “complete,” meaning it must have a display name and profile picture and not have recently undergone any changes.

The blue tick won’t appear right away.

The account must be “active,” meaning that you must have been active on Twitter for the last 30 days to subscribe to Twitter Blue. However, you must first confirm your phone number to get the blue tick.

Users who sign up for Blue but have unverified phone numbers will be prompted to do so. Additionally, Twitter will look for indications that your account is manipulative, dishonest, or spamming.

Twitter will also examine the accounts to see whether they meet the verification requirements. After purchasing Twitter Blue, you won’t immediately see the blue tick, but you will still receive all of the other Blue’s perks, such as fewer advertisements, prioritized tweets, and more.

Your blue tick on Twitter could be removed if you don’t abide by the rules.

When a person changes their profile image, display name, or username, the blue tick will be removed to prevent misunderstanding and promote honesty.

If you alter any of these, the account will need to be verified once more to ensure it complies with Twitter’s rules. During this time, you won’t be able to make any changes to your profile.

According to Twitter, the blue tick of any account may be removed at any moment and without cause. The decision was made in response to Musk’s unsuccessful Twitter Blue debut in November, followed by many accounts imitating popular businesses and celebrities, leading Musk and Company to halt their plan immediately.

People who subscribe to Musk’s “relaunched” Twitter Blue receive a “blue tick” on their profile. We do not yet know if businesses and the government will be required to pay $8 for the “gold tick” or not, which will replace the “official” badge for business and government accounts.


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