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Twitter Blue to roll out on December 12: Pricing, features and much more.

After issues, holdups, and postponements, Twitter is prepared to launch the Twitter Blue service. Since taking over Twitter on October 28, Elon Musk’s “pet” project has been the subscription service. Twitter has confirmed the launch of Twitter Blue in a series of tweets, and here’s all you need to know.

When is Twitter Blue launching?
Twitter said that, as of December 12, Twitter Blue would “relaunch”. Don’t forget that it can be a staggered deployment, so not all users may receive it on December 12.

What is the price of Twitter Blue?
The cost of Twitter Blue is divided into two categories. Users must pay $8 monthly to subscribe to it through Twitter’s website. Users must pay $11 to subscribe to Twitter Blue using the iOS app. Although the price for Android has yet to be specified, it is likely to be $11.

Why does the iOS version cost more?
Any developers must pay Apple a 30% commission for all in-app subscription services. Musk had expressed the intention of starting a short “war” with Apple and the commission. He claimed to have met Apple CEO Tim Cook and had a “nice talk” to clear up “misunderstandings,” but it turned out to be a damp squib.

What features will Twitter Blue offer users?
The ability to edit tweets, a reader mode and 1080p video uploads are among the features that Twitter says will be included in the subscription service. The blue checkmark is the next item.

What happened to the checkmarks in grey and gold?
They play a significant role in Twitter Blue. Users will receive a blue checkmark with Twitter Blue after their accounts have been examined, according to Twitter. This “official label with a gold checkmark for corporations, and later in the week a grey checkmark for government and multilateral accounts” will disappear from Twitter.

What else is important to understand about Twitter Blue?
Twitter also clarified that users could modify their handle, display name, or profile picture, but doing so will temporarily remove the blue checkmark from their account until it is examined again.


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