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Twitter Blue subscribers can now download videos posted to New X.

From today on, Twitter Blue users have the ability to save videos posted on X by fellow subscribers. This update is mentioned in a revised X Help Centre article titled “A guide to sharing and viewing videos on Twitter.”

Unless the poster specifically opts out, all new videos will be available for download, according to the update. Additionally, there is an age restriction; if your “account is under the age of 18,” downloads will not be enabled. (Presumably, this refers to anyone whose account indicates they are under the age of 18.)

Additionally, if your Twitter Blue-subscribing account is set to private, only the subscribers you’ve given permission to follow can view and download the video. You can choose not to allow downloads of your videos on a per-tweet basis; a persistent setting is not mentioned on the page.

There are no restrictions on video downloads outside of such circumstances. It appears that X is setting itself up for legal trouble unless it can get its moderation capability spun up to properly handle copyrighted materials. X now allows Twitter Blue subscribers to upload videos that are up to two hours long, which has already caused problems for the company because users were able to watch the entire Super Mario Bros. Movie this year.

Musk has been attempting to integrate more modifications, like ad revenue sharing, to make his platform more appealing to producers. By allowing users to save videos, TikTok and Instagram, two other short-form social networks, for example, would be more comparable to X.


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