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Track Your Sleep With Apple Watch: See How.

Apple is bringing technology to everyone as a great blessing. Now you can track your sleeping hours with this feature. It doesn’t only help you to track your help but will help you improve it.

In iOS 16 and watchOS 9.9, Apple built out its sleep features, adding information about Sleep and insight. Read on to find out how to configure sleep tracking on the Apple Watch.

Apple improved the built-in Sleep application on the Apple Watch in a major fashion in watchOS 9 with the introduction of Sleep Stages. By using Sleep Stages, the Apple Watch can tell you how long you were within REM, Core, or Deep Sleep at night and the duration of time when you were awake.

It is also possible to look at this data in combination with heartbeat and respiration rates as well as (on Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra models) temperature measurements of your wrist the Apple Watch can take throughout the night.

To start recording your Sleep using your Apple Watch, you need to create an appropriate sleep plan on Your Apple Watch. These steps will help you understand how you can do this.

How do you set a Sleep Timer on Apple Watch

  1. Use your Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to start the application.
  2. Start your Sleep application.
  3. Press for Schedule.
  4. Click next to the Sleep Schedule to switch to the green (ON) setting.
  5. Now tap Create Your First Schedule. 
  6. If you want to set this schedule to be applied on specific days during the week, you can press every day and then deselect the days you want to be excluded. If not, you can tap the button below “Wake Up,” and turn around the Digital Crown to select a wake-up time and tap to set it.
  7. The suggested bedtime depends on what you have set as your Sleep Goal, which you can alter by pressing the back button to go back to the Full Schedule menu screen. Then, swipe down, select sleep goal, and adjust the minutes and hours according to your needs.

How do I View Sleep Data Tracking

The Health app comes with sleep charts measuring your heart and respiratory rates to help you see how you’re performing throughout the night. Find these charts within your iPhone.

  1. Start your App for Health. App.
  2. Click on the Browse tab, then choose Sleep.
  3. Scroll down to view highlights of sleep tracking or see the complete depth of the data, including Amounts, Stages, and Comparisons, by pressing the Show Additional Sleep Data button below the sleep chart.

You can also see these data on your wristwatch using the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.


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