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Top Free Video Editing Software For Beginners In 2022.

When it comes to video editing, we look for some great video editing software that can help us with our video editing needs. Here are some of the Best free Video editing software to help you achieve your goals.

The most effective free software for video editing should be just that, software that gives you a wide range of editing tools with no upfront cost. It is possible to create fun and enjoyable videos with some of them, or create more polished, professional-looking videos using other tools. Still, you must be able to achieve that without spending even a penny. We’ve tested the most well-known available tools available and now we’ll reveal our top picks.

It is important to note that editing your video for free has limitations. Your video would be downloaded with watermarks or brand intros, and the range of formats that can be exported is restricted. If you wish to stay clear of the restrictions, one choice is to get an initial trial of a fully-featured, paid-for software. If you’re interested, look through the three quick links below, or read our guide on the best paid-for program for video editing.


Lightworks has been in use for more than 30 years, and you can count on seeing a lot of features in the top-quality online video editor.

It’s a bit more complicated to learn than iMovie However, take a look at this orientation clip and you’ll fly in no time. Professional editors appreciate the controls on the keyboard and cutting tools specifically made to handle large amounts of video. Options for color correction and built-in effects for video are amazing and are not restricted even if you’re a free user.

A fast timeline, quick autosave, and background processing make it an extremely efficient tool to get your video finished and out to the world as swiftly as possible. The only drawback of using this free edition is the export options are less flexible and can only export to HD 720p in formats that are preset to Youtube, Vimeo, or MP4.


PowerDirector packs all the functions of its desktop counterpart into a mobile-friendly interface. This includes multi-track and editing in 4K, giving your videos an elegant look to make you be noticed on social networks.

The power of the features and the intuitive interface lets you start your journey even if you don’t have any editing expertise. A linear timeline allows you to connect your videos. A mixer for audio is a great tool to create sound for your projects.

The app has various visual effects tools, including compositing and speed adjustments. Templates are available for YouTube intros and outros. Also, a library for animated titles as well as stylized transitions.

PowerDirector has HD 1080p video output; however, you can export your videos in 4K when upgraded to the premium version. You can also directly export to YouTube or Facebook by tapping a finger. The Pro version offers access to over 8,000,000 royalty-free images, videos, and music within the application.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie can be used to bridge the gap between novice and professional and Beginner video production. For example, it supports multi-track editing, 4K resolution, and a wide range of effects. It allows you to add music for free, which automatically adjusts to the length of the video. You can be an expert in video editing to overcome the learning curve.

The most notable feature is the iMovie suite of themes. There are themes pre-programmed for you, including Photo Albums, Sports, Travel, Comic Books, and Neon. Each theme comes with transitions, music, and text overlays, which save time and effort in your editing.

If you’ve yet to try iMovie in the past, it’s worth checking it out again. Apple frequently updates its platform, offering users more options and options. In August 2020, Apple added three new filters and 25 music tracks to iMovie.


Microsoft recently published a web-based video editing service for free called Clipchamp. It was specifically designed for content creators with templates, the user-friendly interface makes creating videos for social networks a breeze. Plus, it only requires you to eat part of the storage space during the process.

The free and paid stock footage (video or audio!) can be downloaded from Clipchamp. If you need that perfect video to complete your amazing TikTok adventure, you’ll be able to locate a suitable substitute quickly. Create your video according to the social media specifications you prefer.

Splice-Free Video Editor

Splice is the ideal introduction for anyone new to editing videos on the go. If you’re looking to make an overview reel of your most recent hikes, then this app you choose is ideal. After uploading your videos before placing them in appropriate tracks, you can cut and trim them in only a few clicks. This results in smoother, more refined footage, but you need help editing it in 4K.

You can give your music an audio flair using Splice’s sizeable free library of sound effects and music. Select the track you wish to play, then drag the track to your desired position within the timeline. Splice allows you to insert videos, add transitions and upload directly on social networks.

Are you looking to make the most of the Splice experience? Upgrade your experience with the purchase of an app. You can choose between three different versions: quarterly, monthly, and annual versions. Each model includes a trial for free.

So if you got any other great Video Editing Software your way for free, please let us know in the comments section below.


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