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To forecast customer behaviour, Neurons integrates ML with science.

Companies have used surveys and cookies for a long time to know what their consumers want or prefer. These methods have helped them fine-tune their marketing and brand strategies. However, these techniques are poor indicators of what consumers finally select. Research shows that most Americans ignore online advertisements, finding them unappealing or irrelevant. Another research shows almost half of the products fail to achieve success in the market.

Neurons, a company based in Denmark plans to solve these challenges by using the combined power of neuroscience and machine learning. It is offering a platform to predict the behavior of customers. It wants to predict this data by observing their focus and attention span. The job is completed within seconds. Companies can optimize their marketing efforts by learning about the journey of their customers.

Neurons announced today that it has received $6M seed funding for this venture.

The Predictive Platform of Neurons

The company will offer its customers a cloud-based solution where they can find out predictions related to the behavior of their customers. The platform has three tools to predict, learn and adapt solutions based on a customer’s decision-making process: Predict, Explore, and Research.

According to the company, the Predict cloud tool is an AI prediction tool to detect attention spans. It automatically provides a confirmed cognitive score and heatmap that help know the responses of the customer. The company claims to have the largest database of eye-tracking which is continuously validated and updated.

Its Explore tool is a self-serving online panel test tool. Users can build custom tests to gather conscious and unconscious responses, such as memory, motivation, and emotion.

The Research tool is used for detailed research. Eye tracking and brain scanning hardware tools are used to gather responses toward ads and creative content.

The company plans to launch Sentiment AI. It will also have other models to go beyond prediction and offer suggestions to brand owners and designers.


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