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TikToks are the most viewed links on Facebook.

The recently published Widely Viewed Content report from Meta reveals further painful news for Facebook. Since the surge in TikTok’s popularity, both Facebook and Instagram have steadily lost traffic and users. Recent revelations only add more salt to the wounds. According to the 2nd quarter Widely Viewed Content report from Meta, TikTok links account for more than 35.9 million views on Facebook. TikTok is also the fourth most accessed domain on Facebook with more than 108 million views.

However, it is important to note that the report does not include any of the Meta-owned domains. It’s unclear whether TikTok is the highest viewed domain on Facebook since we do not have data on Whatsapp, Instagram, or even other Facebook links.

Other popular domains on Facebook include several leading news agencies. As most of us would expect, some of the most-viewed videos involved celebrity feuds, rumors, NSFW jokes and videos, and other types of viral content Facebook is known for.

Meta also stated that the most viewed content across Facebook is generated within the platform. It includes images, videos, and posts made on Facebook by other users. That means most of the content we see on Facebook still comes from Facebook itself, and not from other domains.

The Widely Viewed Content report makes it clear that Facebook is not a unidimensional platform like TikTok or Instagram. It houses a wide range of content targeted at both older people and Gen Z. There’s still no way of determining what kind of content will rule Facebook in the coming years.


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