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TikTok reportedly plans to introduce live shopping in the US.

TikTok has been ramping up efforts to become the leading video-centric platform of our times with new features and updates rolling out frequently in recent times. If you weren’t already expecting it, TikTok is allegedly preparing to bring in an exclusive option to enable users to buy products through an in-stream purchasing option in the US. They are on the lookout for collaborators that can help them lock in the technical framework required for this. Soon, when your favorite influencers are live streaming, you will be able to easily view the product pages being promoted and also buy from them instantly.

Such a feature has not been used on a successful long-term basis by any social media or video platform yet. When launched in a full-fledged manner, TikTok will be the pioneer to offer stream-based shopping functions to its global audience. A TikTok representative was quoted saying that they always have their ears to the ground to detect the consumers’ ever-evolving tastes, trends, and demands. Through this update, they plan to invest in creator-centric growth and empower the TikTok communities towards taking advantage of business options in the app.

This is not TikTok’s first rodeo in testing out the update and related others. They have been experimenting with it by releasing it to various users around the world in Western and Asian markets. The video platform already has an established section on the app that lets users shop for merchandise and another where users can display their storefront pages on their profile. This is an exciting update that many people around the globe are looking forward to and is expected to be kicking off soon.


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