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TikTok Raises Age Limit For Live Streams, Adult Content Warning.

TikTok has increased the minimum age to host live streams on its platform as well as running only for adult live streams that TikTok has announced this Monday. At the moment, you have to be at least 16 years old to host livestreams. Beginning on November 23rd, users must be at least 18 to be able to live-stream through the app. TikTok claims that the change is part of the ongoing effort to protect its users.

TikTok has also stated that it is planning to add new features that let creators choose what age they want their viewers when they go live on LIVE. For example, if a creator’s content is targeted to an audience of adults -such as making a homemade cocktail recipe or performing an act that is suitable to adults, the creator will be able to restrict the age of their viewers.

“To aid creators in engaging and entertaining the viewers of their shows, creators on LIVE may already utilize our tool for filtering keywords to block comments they feel aren’t appropriate. In the coming months, they’ll roll out an updated version of the software which will remind users of their choices, and suggest additional terms that they may like to include in the filters.” The company announced in the blog post.

In the same article, the company also revealed that users are now able to join up to 5 additional guests to the TikTok LIVE account, and has added new TikTok LIVE reminders to use the filter for keywords and suggestions. It’s part of a continuous effort by tech companies to tackle some of the most harmful aspects of these apps and their effect on youngsters.


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