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Threads will soon let you search through your posts_Technostation.

Threads, Meta’s Twitter (X?) successor, is limited in a number of ways. On threads, users cannot DM. On threads, users cannot alter the alt text. Although hashtags are legally allowed in a Threads post, they are meaningless because they cannot be clicked. There is no threading subject section in Threads. Users couldn’t use Threads on desktop computers before recently.

Meta, though, is working to change that gradually. Users are no longer restricted to posting from their phones thanks to the recent availability of Threads on PC. The “following” feed and new Reposts tab that Meta added significantly improved the app’s usability. In Australia and New Zealand, keyword search is currently being tested.

The test started on Thursday, August 31, and will soon be extended to other English-speaking nations, including the United States, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. A question about how soon “soon” might be had no response from Meta.

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, wrote on Threads regarding the new upgrade, “Get excited — search is coming to Threads. Strangely, he also added a GIF of Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel saying, “I bet you’re going to enjoy this.”

It should be noted that Diesel doesn’t use threads. He does have an X account, but he hasn’t updated it since May, when he was promoting a movie.

Even though this might be the first Fast and Furious GIF from Zuckerberg on Threads, it isn’t the only recent update to the platform; in fact, updates have been constantly coming in since the app’s inception barely a month ago. The software was introduced with language assuring users that an update would be available soon. Zuckerberg unveiled a new mention button, the ability to share Threads posts to Instagram DMs, and the ability to add custom alt text earlier this month.


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